F! L! Y! Sharon Eagles FLY High!

What is FLY?

FLY is a summer learning program to encourage our Sharon Eagles to read and practice math during the summer break.

FLY also raises essential funds for our PTA to use towards field trips, classroom needs, and technology. 100% of funds raised benefit Sharon School.

In 2021 our Eagles read and practiced math for an impressive 31,340 hours and raised nearly $40,000! How many hours and fundraising dollars can we achieve this year? Whether 5 or 150 hours, $5 or $500, every student can help contribute!

Sharon FLY Program

Fill out a FLY sponsor form by MAY 20th

How Does FLY Work?


  • May 6th–20th: Students set a goal of how many hours they will read and practice math over the summer. (Max of 4 hours per day or 320 total hours.) Students gather pledges from friends, family, and any employer corporate matching based on the hour goal they set. Flat donations are also welcome.
  • May 20th: Deadline to enter sponsors.

How will you spend your 80 days of summer?

15 minutes a day = 20 hours = 2 raffle tickets
30 minutes a day = 40 hours = 4 raffle tickets
45 minutes a day = 60 hours = 6 raffle tickets
75 minutes a day = 100 hours = 10 raffle tickets = 100 Hour Club
(Max of 4 hours per day or 320 total hours.)


Set goals, gather sponsors, and fill out a FLY Sponsor Form by May 20th to get started!





  • June 9th–August 28th: Students read and practice math.
  • Keep track of hours on the Tally Sheet. If you do not have access to a printer, please keep a log similar to the Tally Sheet. (Max of 4 hours per day or 320 total hours.)
  • Earn one raffle ticket for every 10 hours of reading or practicing math. The raffle tickets will be used toward prizes at the fall FLY prize pep rally on October 7th, 2022. The more reading and math; the more raffle tickets and chances to win prizes. Students in the 100 Hour Club and Top Readers will get special recognition at the fall pep rally.




Are you new to Sharon in grades 1–5?  We would love for you to participate in FLY!
  1. Fill out a FLY Sponsor Form
  2. Print a copy of the tally sheet
  3. Keep track of all of your reading and math this summer!


  • September 6th: The email with the student’s list of sponsors will be emailed back to everyone (check junk/spam folder).
  • September 6th–18th: Students enter actual hours spent reading and practicing math. Max 340 hours total. Do not return tally sheets if you submitted hours online (preferred method).
  • Sponsor pledges paid online based on actual hours. Tax receipts will be automatically emailed back if paid online. Preferred method of payment is online. Checks may be mailed to: Sharon School PTA, ATTN: VP Finance, 4330 Foxcroft Road, Charlotte, NC 28211. Please make checks payable to Sharon School PTA and note FLY, student’s name, and teacher on the check.
  • October 7th: FLY prize pep rally! Celebrate top readers, 100 Hour Club, high class participation, and raffle prize winners.

2022 Key Dates

May 20th: Sponsors due online
June 9th–Aug 28th: Read and practice math. Record hours on tally sheet.
September 6th: An email (check spam) will be sent to all families with their sponsor information.
September 6th–18th:
Enter actual hours online.
Pay pledges online.
October 7th: FLY prize pep rally

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