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2019–20 PTA Reflections Art Contest

We would like to invite your child to participate in the Reflections Art Contest this year. Reflections is a National PTA program that encourages students to express themselves artistically in one of the areas listed below. All entries will need to be submitted by Wednesday, November 6. Your child is encouraged to create a work based on the theme:


There are six different categories, and students can enter as many categories as they would like. With our school’s emphasis on Multiple Intelligences, this program provides a great opportunity to nurture your child’s individual talents. The winning entries will receive prizes and will go on to compete at the county, state, and national levels.

The six categories for entries are:

  • Dance Choreography – (must be .MOV or .MP4; flash drive preferred over DVD)
  • Film Production – (must be .MOV or .MP4; flash drive preferred over DVD)
  • Literature
  • Musical Composition – (.MP3 or .MP4; audio files only, no video files)
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts – with 2D or 3D artwork options

Please note that on the entry form there is a place where they should give their entry a title and make an Artist’s Statement. Please make sure that your child fills out both of these. Their response to how their entry relates to (and was inspired by) the theme in the artist’s statement carries a lot of weight in the judging process at each level of the contest. Also, having a title other than “Look Within” helps it stand out in the crowd.

All entries need to be submitted on Wednesday, November 6.  We will have a table set up in the Sharon Lobby.

For details, category specifications, and to print entry forms, please visit This link also has a short video that features CMS entries from past years to give you an idea of all the creativity just waiting to be expressed. 

Your child’s teacher has copies of rules and entry forms at your child’s request.

Please contact Ashli Stokes or Deborah Goldberg at with any questions.

PTA Reflections Image - Look Within Theme

2019–20 Reflections FAQ

What is Reflections?

The PTA Reflections Arts program gives students in grades PK-12 an opportunity to be recognized for bringing a theme to life in their artwork through one of six art expression areas.

What is the theme?

The 2019-2020 theme is: “Look Within”

Where do I find the rules?

You can find a copy of the general program rules and a copy of the rules for each category at this website:

What’s the due date?

Entries are due to Sharon Elementary no later than the morning of Wednesday, November 6. There will be a collection table in the lobby that morning.  Entries that come in before that day can be put in a bin in the main office.   Unless a student is absent on November 5, late entries will not be accepted.

Can I see previous winning entries?

Yes! Please go to and scroll down to 2018-2019 NCPTA Reflections Gallery of State Winners to see the state winners.

How do I win?

Entries are judged based on artistic merit, creativity, mastery of the medium and *most importantly* the interpretation of the theme.  It is very important to remember and complete the back of the entry form so the judges can read the Title and Artistic Statement in order to judge the entry based on how the child expresses the theme. A well-developed concept is more important than technique. Entries will be judged on how well the student uses their artistic vision to portray the theme.

Can I submit a theme to be considered for future contests?

Yes! There’s a competition for that too! Here is a link for that contest:

What happens if I win?

All entries will be judged at the Sharon level.  A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded to the top entries in each category in each age bracket (K-2 and 3-5). Those winning student entries will progress to the Mecklenburg level for a higher level of competition.  Additional entries may be awarded Honorable Mentions, which may also earn advancement to the higher level competition. We will announce the winners for Sharon Elementary on the morning announcements in mid-November, and pictures of winning students will be in the yearbook

Can I use a project that I made for another assignment, show, or competition?

No, Reflections projects must be made exclusively for this competition. This is thematic art and therefore requires the student to think about the theme, be inspired, and create art that expresses what comes in their minds when they think of the theme.

Can a friend and I submit an entry together?

 No.  Entries must be created and submitted by one person.

What situations can lead to my entry being disqualified?

Occasionally, entries submitted to the program are ineligible. Make sure that all film production entries are filmed entirely by the child. No one else can touch the video camera. Tripods are great, but as soon as the camera is panning while the participant is in the frame, it’s no longer admissible.  Also, copy written images are not allowed, so no Mickey Mouse or online clipart. Visual Art submissions cannot be framed. Most importantly, only child-inspired, child-made artwork will progress. Entries must be the idea of the child and no one else can coach the idea or assist in the actual art of the child. Other common disqualifying factors include plagiarism, resubmission, entries that do not meet the rules for size for that category, and entries that are submitted in the wrong electronic format.

Will I get my entry back?

The Sharon Elementary PTA does our best to return every child’s art submission. Artwork that progresses to the next level of competition will not be returned until judging and awards are complete for that level. Entries at higher levels may not be returned. The parent acknowledges that entries may be damaged or not returned when signing the signature area of the entry form.

How many categories can I make an entry for and is there a limit to the number of entries I submit?

Students can enter as many categories as they like, as many times as they want. There is no limit. However, we request that students are respectful of the judges’ time by not compromising quality in their work in order to enter more submissions.