2023–2024 PTA Reflections Art Contest

We would like to invite your child to participate in the Reflections Art Contest this year. Reflections is a National PTA program that encourages students to express themselves artistically in one of the areas listed below. All entries will need to be submitted electronically by Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

Your child is encouraged to create a work based on the theme:


There are six different categories, and students can enter as many categories as they would like. With our school’s emphasis on Multiple Intelligences, this program provides a great opportunity to nurture your child’s individual talents. The winning entries will receive prizes and will go on to compete at the county, state, and national levels.

The six categories for entries are:

Please note that on the entry form there is a place where they should give their entry a title and make an artist’s statement. Their response to how their entry relates to (and was inspired by) the theme in the artist’s statement carries a lot of weight in the judging process at each level of the contest. Also, having a title other than “Show Your Voice” helps it stand out in the crowd.

All entries need to be electronically submitted by Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

Please contact the PTA Reflections Committee at with any questions.

Students may enter multiple times in the same or different categories, but there is a limit of 3 total entries this year. Also, a separate entry form must be filled out for each submission. Click on the button below to fill out the form and to upload a digital version of your entry. Click HERE for directions on how to name the file you will be uploading. PLEASE NOTE: You must use a non-CMS issued device to access this form. If you do not have access to a non-CMS device, you can print and complete this printable PDF form and bring it and your entry to school. Drop off your completed form and art submission in the bin in the front office or on the morning of the deadline before school at the Reflections table in the lobby.

Do NOT put your name on the front or your entry or on the title slide/frame of your video. Judging is anonymous so include your name on the back of the entry if submitting a hard copy or in the file name of the video following these directions for how to name your file: NCPTA Required Naming Convention For Reflections

General Rules

Category Specific Rules and Instructions

2023–24 Reflections FAQ

What is Reflections?

The PTA Reflections Arts program gives students in grades PK–12 an opportunity to be recognized for bringing a theme to life in their artwork through one of six art expression areas: dance choreography, musical composition, film, photography, literature, and visual arts.

What is this year’s theme?

The 2023–2024 theme is “I am hopeful because…”

What does it mean to submit entries “virtually?”

Most of the contest rules and format will be the same as in previous years, but like last year, entries will be submitted and judged virtually.

  • There is an easy-to-use online entry form and students will submit their creations electronically via that form.
  • Visual arts students will take a photo of their work (for 3D entries, three photos and an optional video) to submit. No entries will be physically collected, but please hold on to them. County winners will be displayed at the awards ceremony in the spring.
  • Judging will be done remotely using the digital files that students submit.

Where do I find the rules?

You can find a copy of the general program rules and the rules for each category at http://sharonschoolpta.org/reflections/

What’s the due date and where do I find the entry form?

Entries are due Tuesday, October 24. You will submit your entry and the entry form electronically. 

Where do I put my name on my entry?

Do NOT put your name on the front or your entry or on the title slide/frame of your video. Judging is anonymous so include your name on the back of the entry if submitting a hard copy or in the file name of the video following these directions for how to name your file: NCPTA Required Naming Convention For Reflections

What if I cannot submit my entry electronically?

Contact the Reflections committee at for assistance. We will make accommodations. We can also provide a hard copy entry form if needed.

How do I win?

Entries are judged based on artistic merit, creativity, mastery of the medium, and *most importantly* the interpretation of the theme.  It is very important to give some thought to the Title and Artistic Statement. A well-developed concept is just as important as technique. Entries will be judged on how well the student uses their artistic vision to portray the theme.

What happens if I win?

All entries will be judged at the Sharon level.  A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded to the top entries in each category in each age bracket (K-2 and 3-5). Those winning student entries will receive a Target gift card and will progress to state-wide competition.  Additional entries may be awarded Honorable Mentions, which may also earn advancement to the higher level competition.  We will announce the winners for Sharon Elementary in early December, and pictures of winning students will be in the yearbook.

What is the Special Artists division?

The Special Artist division welcomes students from all grades and abilities and offers non-artistic accommodations (e.g. adaptive technology; transcribing; holding a camera) for students to participate fully in PTA Reflections. Assistants must refrain from being involved in the artistic process (e.g. developing an artist statement, choreography, music lyrics, storyboards, etc.). Student recognition and awards are announced as part of the Special Artist division. Learn more.

Can I use a project that I made for another assignment, show, or competition?

No, Reflections projects must be made exclusively for this competition. This is thematic art and therefore requires the student to think about the theme, be inspired, and create art that expresses what comes in their mind when they think of the theme.

Can a friend and I submit an entry together?

No.  Entries must be created and submitted by one person. No group work.

What situations can lead to my entry being disqualified?

  • Occasionally, entries submitted to the program are ineligible. Make sure that all film production entries are filmed entirely by the student. No one else can touch the video camera. Tripods are great. If we see the camera is panning while the participant is in the frame, we know someone else is filming and it’s no longer admissible.
  • Copyrighted images are not allowed, so no Mickey Mouse, Black Panther, Pokemon, etc., and no online clipart.
  • Visual Art submissions cannot be framed.
  • Pre-programmed tracks provided by computer software cannot be used for musical composition.
  • Most importantly, only student-inspired, student-made artwork will progress. Entries must be the idea of the student and no one else can coach the idea or assist in the actual art of the student.
  • Other common disqualifying factors include plagiarism, resubmission, entries that do not meet the rules for size for that category, and entries that are submitted in the wrong electronic format.

How many categories can I make an entry for, and is there a limit to the number of entries I submit?

Students can enter more than one time in more than one category. However, we are limiting the total number of entries to 3 for each student to be respectful of the judges’ time and to encourage students to focus on submitting their best work.

Do you have any tips for successful entries?

  • The “Artist’s Statement” is very important to the judging process. It is your chance to tell the judges directly how to interpret your entry.
  • Try to think of a title that is specific to your entry instead of simply using the theme as your title.
  • For dance entries, make sure that the music in the video can be clearly heard, and remove any distracting items from the background.
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet to record a dance or film entry, shoot it in landscape (horizontal). Also make sure that the room is bright enough.
  • For the literature category, entries should reflect grade-appropriate spelling and grammar. Adults should not edit the work; judges will notice. It’s fine to hand write an entry, but make sure it can be read easily. Avoid using fancy, distracting ink (or fonts if typed).
  • For musical composition pieces, make sure the recording is not distorted. Check the sound volume. It’s okay to use computer software, but the music must be composed by the student. Pre-programmed tracks provided by software cannot be used.
  • No collages and no added graphics can be used for photography submissions. Try to submit the original digital .jpg for photography entries instead of taking a photo of the photo.
  • Include only the art in the submitted pictures of visual art entries. Crop out any background material, like tables and walls. Make sure there is enough light to get a good quality photo.
  • If submitting a 3D visual art entry, you may, in addition to the 3 photos, include a short video, 15 seconds or less, of the entry. Email the video to   Include your name, school, grade, and title of your entry.
  • Many winners have been participating in Reflections for years. If you don’t win this year, don’t give up! Keep trying.

Can I see previous winning entries?

Are the rules and entry forms available in Spanish? 

Can I submit a theme to be considered for future contests?